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From a very young age, Stephanie’s keen interest in acrobatics led her to study 4 years at the National Circus School of Montreal, where she specialized in tightrope and also received a strong generalist formation (acrobatics, dance, physical acting, aerials, handstands and juggling). After completing her formation, she participated as a circus artist in several projects in Canada meanwhile she was studying translation at the University of Montreal.


Stephanie has been working as a professional circus artist for 15 years, touching many forms of circus: street shows, big top, theater, festival, cabaret, stunt for television, and movie extra. She participated to the Princessan Festival en Stockholm and she presented her tight wire act in the Canadian television program “ La vie est un cirque”. Besides, she also worked for various companies such as Cirque Eloïze (special events), Circus Starlight in Switzerland, Max et Maurice in France and Heart Ibiza (co-production between the Spanish cooks Albert and Ferran Adria, and Guy Laliberté, founder of the Cirque du Soleil).


Stephanie also likes to share her passion by teaching. She gave classes at various circus schools such as Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona), Lido (Toulouse) and the National Circus School of Montreal, in addition to give particular classes to professional or semi-professional tightrope artists.


These are our specialties

Looking for the perfect balance since 20 years, Stephanie learns how to play with tightrope’s imbalances. High heels, rain boots, dance, projections, acrobatics and skipping rope; she is always looking for new ways to move and get in harmony with that tensed wire.
Stephanie has discovered Artistic cycling in duo after her formation at the National Circus School of Montreal. Autodidact, it’s with her partner Rubén Martín that she executes acrobatics on the bike.
The main reasons why she started practicing this form of balance are: her desire to make the public participate more and some technical restrictions. Four piece of wood, a rope and people… Strong people to hold the rope where she will dance and improvise.
Stephanie is a good generalist. For many years during her career, she worked professionally as an aerialist with her Silk-trapeze solo act. She also participated into various group or duo acts such as juggling, aerial hoop duo, acrobatics, banquine, handstands and hand to hand.



Circus acts



Circus workshops and regular clases

Stephanie also likes to share her passion by teaching. She was only 16 when she started coaching gymnastics. She achieved a level 1 formation as a gymnastic coach, and since her interest into circus grew, she got a formation as social circus monitor with “Cirque du monde”. Then, she completed the”E-Learning instructor” class given by National Circus School of Montreal and currently, she is following the “E-Learning circus arts trainer” formation, also offered by the same establishment.

Since more than 10 years, she gives an intensive tightrope workshop at the Rogelio Rivel circus school in Barcelona. She also coached the preparatory program at the National Circus School of Montreal and replaced a few times the tightrope teacher at the Lido circus school in Toulouse. Moreover, she has been the leader coach for Paîdzo circus school in Montréal, and gave workshops at various occasions at the Coquino circus school in Morges, Switzerland.

In addition to regular classes or punctual workshops, Stephanie offers particular classes to professional or semi-professional tightrope artists.

Talleres y clases particulares

The objective of this workshop is to initiate participants to circus arts trying a little bit of everything (Juggling, acrobatics, hand to hand, aerials, tightrope). The content of the workshop can change according to the space, the number of students, their age and the material to disposition. For more information, feel free to contact us.
The goal of this workshop is that you find your balance on the wire using your respiration, your rhythm and playing games. There will be individual and group exercises. All levels are welcome; the content of the class is adapted to each student individually. There are no physical requirements.
Particular classes are offered to professional or semi-professional artist, AND to everyone that wants to try tightrope. There are no prerequisites. It is possible to use our material in our working space, or Stéphanie can also go to your place with, or without her tightrope, depending on the demand. We usually do an interview prior to the first class (in person/on the phone or via Skype) to make sure we understand your personal goals and prepare the class according your demand. The content of the class is totally adapted to the demand of the student.

For more information, feel free to contact us.


More details about my teaching experience

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